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October 9 2017

Style Statement: Illusion Diamond Fine Jewelry

Although illusion diamond jewelry, or otherwise called floating diamonds, is not a new concept in fine jewelry, we guarantee you’ve never seen a diamond float quite like this. Dive into the world of Diamonds in Glass® for a new and stylish way to wear floating diamonds that looks like an illusion.

The Unique Illusion Diamond Jewelry

What makes the floating diamonds of the Diamonds in Glass® collection so unique you ask? Well, rather than allowing the diamonds to move around freely as is customary in floating diamond jewelry, Diamonds in Glass® jewels actually encase diamonds so that they are stationary. The diamonds give the illusion they are floating since they are housed within transparent hand-blown glass spheres.

Using traditional glassblowing techniques and state-of-the-art machinery, faceted diamonds are set into hand blown glass forms. An incredibly complex procedure, Diamonds in Glass® invented this unique diamond setting technique.

The end result is a piece of jewelry that allows for an illusion like view of a diamond from top to bottom and side to side. Plus, the diamonds floating within its handmade glass house actually appear larger thanks to the magnifying properties of the glass.

Diamonds in Glass® offers a wide assortment of fine jewelry pieces from illusion diamond rings to necklaces to earrings. Each piece is designed with the modern woman in mind so they are fresh and contemporary.

Layer the Diamonds in Glass® Necklaces

If you’re searching for a contemporary way to wear Diamonds in Glass® necklaces, then layer them! Layering necklaces has been a style staple for several seasons now and given its appealing illusion look, it’s a trend that will stick around.

There are several ways to achieve a great necklace-layering look. One way is to pick necklaces that vary in length and width. For instance, pair a Diamonds in Glass® necklace with a single pendant along with another Diamonds in Glass® necklace with a trio pendant.

Alternatively, wearing similar style necklaces in different sizes works too. For instance, the single pendant Diamonds in Glass® necklaces are available in various sizes, so go ahead and layer on some small, medium, and large pieces together for a striking arrangement. Just make sure the lengths differ too.

Finally, opting for similar styles in an assortment of colors is an even more eye-catching way to wear layered necklaces. The hand-blown glass components of Diamonds in Glass® pendants come in a range of shades from black to blue to colorless. All of them effortlessly showcased in glass like an illusion.

Stack on the Diamonds in Glass® Rings

Why settle on just one or two rings when you can stack on a bunch! Just like layering necklaces, stacking several rings on the same finger and across multiple fingers is a very modern approach to wearing jewelry.

Diamonds in Glass® rings come in several shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. So find your favorites and wrap your fingers in a few at the same time. Place the bigger rings on the bottom portion of your finger closer to your hand and position the thinner rings on the upper part of your finger closer to your nail.

Flaunt your creative side by wearing the already unique Diamonds in Glass® jewelry pieces in an even more fresh and creative way. Whether you layer them or stack them, putting on Diamonds in Glass® jewelry is one style statement you don’t want to miss making this season.