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September 11 2017

Unique Diamond Jewelry: You’ve Never Seen Diamonds Displayed Like This

With a gem as classic as a diamond, it’s rare to come across unique diamond jewelry these days. But that’s just what jewelry brand, Diamonds in Glass®, has set out to do. Using an exclusive gem setting technique and the art of glass blowing, Diamonds in Glass® crafts never before seen fine jewelry. Discover these unique creations and feast your eyes on a whole new way to wear diamonds.

What Makes Diamonds in Glass® so Unique?

When looking at traditional diamond jewelry, what you see is typically just the tip of the (diamond) iceberg. While the top portion of the diamond is in full view, the bottom part, known as the pavilion, is hidden away because of the way it’s set into the metal. Diamonds in Glass® jewelry, however, offers a full 360° view of the diamond—pavilion and all—thanks to its one-of-a kind design.

Each Diamonds in Glass® piece houses diamonds in clear glass balls to offer an unobstructed view of the gem from top to bottom—or table to culet in gem-speak. Not only does this completely new setting technique give the illusion of a floating diamond, but it also makes the gem look much bigger thanks to the magnification effect of the glass. The result is an utterly unique diamond jewelry collection that includes rings, earrings, and pendants.

Fine Diamonds, Hand Blown Glass, and Precious Metals Come Together to Create Unique Jewelry

Enveloping the diamonds are hand blown glass orbs in a variety of colors, which along with the precious gems at the center of the glass spheres, every Diamonds in Glass® jewels are set in 18k gold to create wearable jewelry. Take your pick from a collection of exceptional diamond rings, unusual diamond earrings, and distinct diamond pendants. Regardless of the variety of designs, at the core of each Diamonds in Glass® jewel is a fine diamond floating in a glass blown bubble.

Who is Behind the Unique Designs of Diamonds in Glass® Jewelry?

At the helm of Diamonds in Glass® is founder, CEO, and designer Natascha Schenk. From her home base in Styria, Austria, Natascha Schenk ensures that every diamond jewelry creation coming out of the company’s workshops is truly distinctive and singular in style.

Inspired by a group of young and passionate glass blowers, Natascha Schenk combined their craftsmanship with her own mastery of jewelry making to create the Diamonds in Glass® jewelry concept.

Find Diamond Jewelry Like No Other

If you’re looking to treat yourself to some unique diamond jewelry or if you’re searching for a one-of-a-kind gift that will really impress, Diamonds in Glass® jewels is a brilliant choice.