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December 12 2017

Holiday Hot Tip: Treat Yourself to a Heirloom-Worthy Piece

I’ve mentioned before on the blog that most of the jewelry I wear everyday are heirloom pieces, passed down to me from my mom and aunts. I’m spoiled that way, since most of the pieces are real gold and precious stones. I get a lot of comments especially on my rings and necklaces—dainty and mismatched pieces that all look really cool together.

It’s been interesting to talk to my friends and colleagues about this, because often times they’ll lament that their family elders didn’t have these kinds of pieces, so building up a collection of timeless, high-quality jewelry is up to them. (Or a boyfriend or husband, if that’s your status, ha!)

Listen, I’ll be the first person to admit that throwing down major cash for a piece of jewelry is not always in my budget. However, occasions do arise. Some of my most successful gal pals have adopted the tradition of splurging on an investment piece when they hit personal goals and milestones—whether it be a promotion and work or hitting 100,000 followers on Instagram. (Yes, some of my friends are major #influencers.)

Here’s where Diamonds in Glass comes into the picture. What? Diamonds? For me and you? Yes. Their pieces all put the spotlight on singular diamonds set in a glass globe, which I had never seen before. The glass really amplifies the glam-factor of the floating gem, and has to be one of the most unique ways to set a precious stone that I’ve ever seen.

As someone who admittedly gets a little bit of a high from wearing conversation-starting jewelry, this design really revs my engines. So when DoG reached out to me about trying one of their pendants for myself, I kind of did that hearts-for-eyes emoji thing. I noticed immediately that the blue glass version of the Kate pendant resembled that ancient icon of protection, the evil eye. (If you’re not hip to the symbolism there, read up!) Since I’ve long-since lost the funky evil eye jewelry I collected on my study abroad trip to Greece, so a seriously upgraded version felt like a meaningful addition to my jewelry collection. (And as you know, I’m all about personal jewelry!)

Diamonds in Glass ‘Kate’ pendant ($449) styled with another pendant of mine }

When I’m in a more classic mood, I’ll wear the pendant solo over my favorite graphic t-shirts and crewneck cashmere sweaters. But when I’m feeling spicy (and willing to put in the effort in the a.m.), I’ll take the pendant itself and string it with some of my other favorite charms, like my sorority key and some tiny vintage gold tags from my mom.

Investing in jewelry is something that, as a single woman, I’ve come view as incredibly empowering. Anniversaries can mean something other than marriage, and special occasions can be created whenever you deem it appropriate. While I’m sure I’ll love to receive meaningful gifts from my significant other someday, in the meantime, I’m quite content—and I think you should be, too—in treating myself to special pieces that remind me of my strength, my independence, and all the good things that are yet to come.